Community Van Trip Request

Community Van Trip Request
How It Works.
Community Van Trips must be scheduled in 2 weeks in advance through a the Vashon Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC). Use the form below to request a trip. CTC will contact the Person Requesting Trip with approval of request and instructions. Trips must have at least two passengers in addition to the volunteer driver. If you don't have a volunteer drivers the CTC will help recruit one.
Format: M/d/yyyy
Date of Trip
Format: hh:mm AM/PM
Start Time of Trip
Format: hh:mm AM/PM
Format: hh:mm AM/PM
Time the trip will be over.
Starting Location
Starting Location of Trip
Ending Location of Trip
Ending location of trip
Round Trip or One Way
On Island or Off Island *
If van is taken off Island, riders are responsible for paying their own ferry fees as well as the Driver and Vehicle Fares. Driver and Vehicle fares can be comped and priority ferry loading can be obtained but must be scheduled in advance (see CTC for instructions).
Vehicle Requested
There are 2 types of Vans available, please indicate which one you need for your trip. The 10 Passenger Van fits 10 passengers. Wheelchair/Ramp Van fits 4 plus driver or 1 wheelchair with 2 passengers.
ADA accommodations needed?
Person Requesting Trip
Volunteer Driver Name
If you already have a volunteer driver please let us know.
Number of Volunteer Driver
Please provide the names and phone numbers of confirmed passengers on this trip. FULL NAME : CONTACT PHONE NUMBER
Fare Payment Method
Fares are $2.75 per person per round trip and are non transferable. Volunteer Drivers ride for free. Volunteer Drivers can not accept cash or ORCA E-Purse cards. Fares must be paid at start of trip. Contact the Community Transportation Coordinator for more information.