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Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Vashon Island’s eclectic business scene sets it apart from other Puget Sound communities, and we’re awfully proud of that. But as the pandemic stretches on, our independent businesses need your help. To encourage shopping local this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of our favorite businesses that offer online shopping. Whether you’re a Vashon resident or someone on the island only in spirit, it’s a way to ensure the businesses we know and love are still around when things return to normal.


Grow your own apothecary garden, with plants that are beautiful AND medicinal, like feverfew, echinacea, California poppy, Black Cohosh, and the native Western Bleeding Heart.

Grow your own Apothecary Garden!

Nashi Orchards gift box showcases a trio of handcrafted Nashi Orchards fortified Perry and Cider including Winter Warmer, Royal Perry and Black Ice. Delicious bespoke libations to make the holiday special.

Local handcrafted cordials to make the holiday special.

Vashon-grown native flowers, shrubs, and trees, so they will adjust beautifully to your own Vashon garden. Native plants are essential to the survival of our native insects, and the birds that need them to feed their nestlings.

Native plants help nature!

Give your loved one a gift certificate for pruning overgrown shrubs, or a Japanese Maple, or the fruit trees that haven’t been pruned in a while. Maybe what they would really love is someone to come tidy up the garden - someone who really knows what they are doing, and won’t pull the seedling flowers along with the weeds. Or perhaps a garden consultation on a more welcoming entrance, a more private outdoor seating area, a clover lawn, a pollinator garden, a woodland walk filled with beautiful native ground

The Gift of Garden Help

Camellia sinensis is the Camellia all green and black tea leaves come from. We have been growing them for many years on Vashon, and are now propagating them to share with others.

Grow your own tea plant!