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Tech Team Lead at Voice of Vashon

Posted: 03/31/2024

Tech Team Lead Job Description The Tech Team Lead's primary job is to coordinate and communicate with the Tech Team members to be sure all of the necessary resources are available and to keep abreast of operational conditions. There is a great team of techs currently working with VoV doing the very detailed work of monitoring the systems, and the Lead is there to offer support as needed. There is no need to come into the position with a strong knowledge of the inner workings of the station - a willingness to learn and respect for those who know are more important. The position will be a volunteer position and should take an estimated 15- 20 hours per month on a busy month. That is a high estimate. Most months will not be that busy. A lot of that time is spent chatting with the team. If there is a major project occurring, the hours could increase a bit, but that is not a consistent occurrence and there is a Project Manager on call to handle the details when that occurs. The Project Manager will report to the Team Lead. Outline of roles and tasks. #1 —- Promote Team cohesiveness, recognition, and volunteer satisfaction. This is the #1 task of the lead. Make sure that volunteers are doing what they enjoy and are recognized and feel their contributions are valued. A willingness to learn a bit of technical information is helpful. Projects Determine with input from team members and ED - Tech Team projects. Ensure that the scope of the project is clearly understood and agreed to. Beware of project creep. Schedule projects and assign team members. Ensure that there is time for downtime between projects - avoid back-to-back projects -at least for individual team members. Not all team members need to be on all projects. If required for “significant” projects assign or self-assign specific project tasks and resource needs - Project management. Monitor project progress and adherence to budget Day to Day responses Either respond to “On Call” phone/ email/ text requests for assistance or advice or delegate—typically 1 or 2 relatively urgent requests a month. Most are easy to fix either over the phone or in person. Understand when additional help is needed and who to call. Monitor as backup - emails/ texts for auto-sensing of errors in transmissions. Others on the team have access to notifications. Ensure they have what they need to fix. The “On Call” response and monitoring of transmission errors can be delegated. Ensure that routine maintenance of computers and generators is done. Five of our computers - two in each studio plus the Main SPL machine, should be checked for needed Windows/ Audition / Dell updates weekly and then rebooted. Solves proactively many of the on-call - calls. Check and test each of the four backup generators monthly. Monitor budget. Recruit new members.