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MorLo Aerial Operations LLC

MorLo Aerial Operations LLC



About Us

MorLo Aerial Operations specializes in aerial data acquisition. We provide aerial drone capabilities for mapping/3D modeling, inspection, and photography/videography applications by leveraging the most up-to-date sUAS technology. We deliver actionable insights to our clients faster, safer, and cost effectively without the risks and costs associated with traditional scaffolding, lifts, or endangering employee health.

We value collaboration over competition, and focus on building relationships and partnerships that grow, evolve, and help our clients realize their goals.We leverage our team's joint experience and partnerships within various industries to ensure professionalism and quality service. MorLo Aerial provides one-of-a-kind tailored solutions to each and every client.


Aerial Thermal Applications
Mapping for event planning, site audits, construction.
Mapping for pre construction, leveling, progress tracking, volumetrics.
Inspections and 3D digital twins
Facade inspections
Aerial Photography - Downtown
Aerial Photography - Commercial and residential