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Vashon MakerSpace, Tool Library, & Fix-It Cafe

Vashon MakerSpace, Tool Library, & Fix-It Cafe


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About Us

Vashon MakerSpace is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that runs three programs: Vashon Tool Library, Vashon Fix-It Cafe, and Vashon MakerSpace. We are entirely volunteer-run by committed community members who are truly interdisciplinary. Our board members are also our builders, our fixers, our teachers, and our tool librarians (affectionately known as the “Toolies”). We need and seek additional board and committee members and welcome your involvement in this vibrant organization.
Our Mission: Vashon MakerSpace empowers the Vashon community to promote sustainable and equitable practices by providing access to shared resources and learning.


Vashon Makerspace founder Steve Graham's sendoff party
Erik teaching Woodworking
Brendan teaching Spoon Carving
Kevin & Steve handing off the Gold Hammer after completing the two Vashon Care Closet Barns