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Barbara Steen to run for unofficial Mayor

90- Year Old Heritage Museum Docent Throws Her Hat in The Ring for The Seat of Unofficial Mayor 

Lifelong Vashon Island resident Barbara Steen announced today that she will be representing the Vashon Heritage Museum in a run for the seat of Vashon’s Unofficial Mayor.  Steen, committed to a life of community and civic service, will run on a platform that everyone has a story that needs to be told and that the Heritage Museum needs our support to record and give voice to those stories so that they will never be forgotten. 

Steen, a spry 90 year- old with a clear mind and high energy will celebrate her 91s​t​ birthday on June 27t​h​. She has been an engaged proponent of Vashon’s small-town way of living, demonstrated by her countless hours spent volunteering in our schools, clubs and a host of other civic pursuits. During her years of raising two children on Vashon,  her involvement in the schools and sports earned her the title  “Mother Steen”,  a title that some adults who grew up on Vashon can still be heard calling her today. Barbara volunteers at the Heritage Museum on a weekly basis as a Docent, Collections Archivist, recording the memorials and managing the Brick campaign.  In the past she has served as the Heritage Museum’s Treasurer and recording secretary.   She is a “super volunteer” and respected advisor to our board, and her knowledge of Vashon’s history is an invaluable resource to the Museum’s Collections and Archives.  Islanders are truly fortunate to have Barbara Steen preserve our history. 

We at the museum look forward to sharing her story with you as she runs for unofficial mayor. Vote with your donations through July 17th. Read stories, view photos and celebrate Mother Steen at

Begin voting today: