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CVS Lawsuit Highlights Need of Our Mayberry Technology for Accountability and Transparency in Fundraising

One day before news of CVS’ deceptive charity fundraising practices was announced, CEO of Our Mayberry, criticized lack of transparency in retail charity drives

BELLEVUE, WA, USA, December 9, 2022 / -- The day before the world heard about the lawsuit against CVS, Our Mayberry’s CEO expressed his concern during an interview with CBS Radio over the lack of transparency for consumers who make donations when purchasing goods from retailers. The lawsuit alleges CVS customers have been defrauded of millions of dollars they thought were supporting the American Diabetes Association. Instead, consumers were allegedly duped into reimbursing the healthcare giant for a $10 Million commitment CVS had made.

“If proven, CVS’ fundraising business practice destroys community trust on every level and makes glaringly obvious the need to revolutionize charitable fundraising with complete and real-time transparency and accountability of donations and business contributions. Our charities and their supporters deserve better. That is why we built Our Mayberry – to restore community trust in charitable fundraising,” said Our Mayberry CEO Shawn Tacey. “The only way to achieve the goals of complete transparency and accountability is to have a split payment system at the point of sale with a payment app that tracks and deposits donations and contributions directly and instantaneously into the charity's bank account. Trust can only be earned by consistent transparent action. Our Mayberry has built the technology that makes it impossible for businesses to fake it—or worse, induce their own customers to pay their charitable commitments for them.”

Without technology like Our Mayberry, making donations at checkout is more of a gamble than philanthropy.

Our Mayberry is the leading supporter-driven online fundraising & commerce platform that combines a suite of tools for individual and group fundraising and administrative resources for nonprofits, including online marketplaces for businesses, where every sale supports a selected cause. Our Mayberry was developed to empower all community members to take action, and it is helping volunteers, nonprofits, and businesses across the United States come together to provide sustainable, community-driven funding for community needs.

For more information about the complaint: Case 1:22-cv-03116-RPK-RML

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