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Rescue Dog “Fleur” Runs for Unofficial Mayor in Support of VIPP

FOR RELEASE 6/18/2020
Contact: Camille Rosetty
Phone: (717) 805-8038

Rescue Dog “Fleur” Runs for Unofficial Mayor in Support of VIPP
Schnauzer puppy overcame the odds & brings resilient spirit to campaign
Vashon, Wash. - Fleur, a Schnauzer puppy rescued last year by Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP), officially announces her candidacy for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon to support the organization that helped to save her and her siblings. Young Fleur had a rough start in life, but she beat the odds and now brings her spirit of resilience and gratitude to this campaign.  Partnering with VIPP, Fleur is running on a platform that Vashon Island can change lives when we work together.

Fleur and her siblings were born into a “backyard breeder” situation, at a home with at least 15 other dogs with very little hands-on care or medical help. When Fleur and her siblings were finally rescued from the unsafe situation, several of the puppies had contracted the canine parvovirus, commonly known as “parvo”. Puppies are usually vaccinated to protect them from the virus, as it is highly contagious and can be deadly. But Fleur and her siblings had not received proper medical care. Since Fleur was exposed to the parvovirus, she had to be isolated for 8 weeks to confirm she was healthy. So when she came under VIPP’s care in 2019, Fleur was a scared and timid puppy because she had not been properly socialized or exposed to a variety of places and situations. But thanks to VIPP volunteers and a loving foster home, Fleur began to come out of her shell. Fleur found her “forever home” with Lucinda Runyan in Ellisport, where she is thriving and reminding us to enjoy the simple things in life. Fleur loves to entice her older fur-brother, Mowgli, into playing with her, and she is always ready for a walk on the beach.

Fleur is running for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon to raise funds for Vashon Island Pet Protectors, affectionately known as “VIPP,” so they can continue to help dogs and cats in need. Since 1984, VIPP has been working each day to improve the quality of life for companion animals on Vashon Island. VIPP is a no-kill animal rescue organization run entirely by passionate volunteers who work to advance our mission of “No More Homeless Pets!” VIPP provides shelter, food, and medical care to lost, abandoned and/or relinquished dogs and cats who are waiting for loving “forever homes.”  In so many ways, VIPP offers the best possible resource for people and animals to make a connection on Vashon Island.