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Run for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon


Run for Vashon Island’s Unofficial Mayor & Raise Money for Your Favorite Island Non-Profit

Have you dreamed about being an elected official? Here is your chance to become the Official Unofficial Mayor of Vashon Island AND support your favorite Island non-profit organization at the same time!
Anyone can enter and run for the office! The election is open to any Vashon Island resident regardless of age, race, gender, orientation, hair color, shoe size, like or dislike of Marmite, corporeality, or species! 

In order to throw your hat in the ring you must first announce you are running for office to the Chamber of Commerce and agree to the rules of the election. Declare which Island charity you want to represent, get written permission from the non-profit organization fundraise in their name, then announce your candidacy with a Press Release on the Chamber website! Create and place up to 12 ballot boxes, organize your fund raisers and get out there and raise money... we mean "votes".
Your supporters can vote (as many times as they like) by depositing a dollar (or more) in the ballot box, writing checks or donating online. Each dollar collected for your charity counts as one vote with the winner earning the title of Vashon Island’s Unofficial Mayor.  All money goes to benefit non-profits on the Island. Money, and proof of payment are collected and sent to the Chamber of Commerce for counting and verifying.  The Mayor’s race has been known to raise up to $22,000 to benefit Island causes.
IF YOU WIN! You will be invited to participate in other events throughout the year, such as the Ribbon Untying Ceremonies and Chamber Events but participation is totally optional. Once elected, the fun starts…all year.!  (Just a word of caution, the Unofficial Mayor is an honorary position and is limited by what you are willing to do once you win the election.) If you don't win, your non profit still wins because you raised money for them.

Vashon Island Unofficial Mayor Contest... the Details:

The Unofficial Mayor Contest is a joint fundraiser run by the Vashon Chamber of Commerce and by participating Vashon Island Charities. The Chamber of Commerce is the fiscal agent of the contest and are responsible for the office.

The election is open to any Vashon Island resident regardless of age, race, gender, identity, corporeality or species. Candidates may run under assumed names, nom-d’ plumes, character names, nicknames, random numbers, or their government names.

In order to run for Unofficial Mayor Candidates must do the following:

  • Select a Vashon based 501C3 charity to fundraise.
  • Your charity must submit a letter giving the candidate permission to fundraise for them and agreeing to the contest terms as well as a copy of their IRS certification to the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Declare candidacy to the Chamber of Commerce, the newspapers, social media and anyone else who will listen.
  • Create your own “ballot boxes” (ballot boxes = collection boxes since money equals votes in this contest).
  • Place ballot boxes in various locations throughout the Island. Inform Chamber of Commerce Staff of the location of your ballot boxes.
  • Fundraise to get out the vote: 1 Dollar = 1 Vote, encourage voters to vote multiple times!
  • Candidates may solicit donations however they want. In person, online, by throwing parties or any other fundraising technique. Voters can pay by check, cash or credit card.
  • Checks can be made out to the Charitable Organization directly, copies of checks must be submitted to the Chamber in order for those votes to count.
  • Credit Card donations can be made directly to the Charitable Organization but reports of the transactions must submitted in order for those votes to count.
  • Cash can be collected directly by the Charitable Organization, a copy of  the deposit slip showing the amount must be turned into the Chamber in order for the votes to count.
  • Cash from jars will be collected by Chamber of Commerce Office who will track these donations and distribute to participating charities. 
 Winning the Election:
  • The candidate with the most money raised is elected Unofficial Mayor.
  • Money from jars is collected and counted by the Vashon Chamber of Commerce.
  • Copies of deposits, checks or credit card donations are turned into the Chamber of Commerce who will count these as votes. 
  • All Votes must be turned in to the Vashon Chamber of Commerce by Saturday July 20 5PM.
  • Winner is verified by Chamber Staff  and  Board of Directors.
  • Winner is announced at 9 PM on the Saturday evening at the Beer Garden.
  • Winner gets to ride in the Sunday Car Parade.
  • Winner serves as Unofficial Mayor until the 2020 Mayor is elected.
Distributing Funds:
  • Money raised by each candidate for their respective charity still goes to the charity regardless of election results.
  • Money that is collected by, counted by the Chamber of Commerce is distributed to the participating charities by the Vashon Chamber of Commerce.
  • Charitable Organization submits copies of Checks & Credit Card donations made directly to organization in order for those "votes" to count.
  • The fiscal agreement with participating Charities is that Charities receive 85% of gross raised with 15% going to The Chamber of Commerce.
Chamber of Commerce provides each Charity with an accounting of funds collected and issues a check to the Charity by the end of July.