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Sid the Sheep to run as Unofficial Mayor

Sid from Sun Island farm is throwing his hat in the ring for Mayor of Vashon.

Sid is a young Jacob sheep that was born third in a litter and abandoned by his mother, then later adopted by Madeline Yarkin and trained by former mayoral Candidate Noodle and Madeline in the ways of campaigning and grass top leadership. Sid Embodies eating locally and community service his best skills are fertilizer distribution and weed reduction, (see his mayoral picture weeding the swimming pool at the Vashon Golf and Swim Club). he also is an experienced walker both on leash and off.

Sid's top choice for Non-profits to support is Vashon Youth and Family Services. as Sid understands needing a helping hand when you are young and in need. It was also young people that helped Sid in his time of need. Most of all Sid believes in being part of the Herd and moving together.


Join Sid in his Venture to help youth and families as well lead Vashon to greener pastures.

Vote for Sid: