Unofficial Mayor Proclaims October 31st to November 2nd as Days of Remembrance

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October 31, 2019
Unofficial Mayor Eirene – “Remembrance Day” Proclamation
October 31, 2019
Whereas… in many traditions it is believe that during this time the veil between this world and the other side is the thinnest.
Whereas… this time of year this belief manifests itself in many traditions: Samhein, Day of the Dead, Dias de los Muertos, All Souls Day.
Whereas… work and play and ideas and action of those who came before us, paved the path for us in many ways and in all aspects of our lives.
Whereas… honoring our ancestors and our loved ones who have passed away, is a way to embody how interconnected we are and to honor the cycle of life.
Therefore I. as Unofficial Mayor of Vashon, who represents peace for all living creatures DECLARE 31st day of, 10th month of the year through the 2ndn day of the 11th month of  2019 as Days of Remembrance and encourage all people to take time to remember those being who may have passed away but whose spirit lives on in you.