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Vote- Sid the Sheep

Sid from Sun Island farm is throwing his hat in the ring for Mayor of Vashon. Sid is a young Jacob sheep that was born third in a litter and abandoned by his mother,then later adopted by Madeline Yarkin and trained by former mayoral Candidate Noodle and Madeline in the ways of campaigning and grass top leadership. Sid's top choice for Non-profits to support is Vashon Youth and Family services. as Sid understands needing a helping hand when you are young and in need.

Dupioni Silk Handmade Mask

Hand made fitted 3 layer mask; cotton and silk with an inner cotton batting layer; prevents flow of COVID virus germs through the mask Reversible, hand or machine washable,  hang dry.

Vote- Barbara Steen

Lifelong Vashon Island resident Barbara Steen announced today that she will be representing the Vashon Heritage Museum in a run for the seat of Vashon’s Unofficial Mayor. Steen, committed to a life of community and civic service, will run on a platform that everyone has a story that needs to be told and that the Heritage Museum needs our support to record and give voice to those stories so that they will never be forgotten.

Vote- Vashon Sisters

Powerhouse locals Maarten Ribalet-Coesel, Lucca Hansen, Raena Joyce and Selene Dalinis officially announce their candidacy for Unofficial Mayors of Vashon. They decided to run for office in an effort to empower the voice of local youth. Their campaign is dedicated to raising funds for local nonprofit, Vashon Sisterhood.

Vote- Fleur: The Rescue Dog!

Fleur, a Schnauzer puppy rescued last year by Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP), officially announces her candidacy for Unofficial Mayor of Vashon to support the organization that helped to save her and her siblings. Young Fleur had a rough start in life, but she beat the odds and now brings her spirit of resilience and gratitude to this campaign. Partnering with VIPP, Fleur is running on a platform that Vashon Island can change lives when we work together.

Support the Chamber

The Vashon Chamber of Commerce is grateful for your donation and sponsorship support. It is because of generous contributors like you that we are able to continue providing resources and develop programming to support our local business community.